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Dowse TODO


  • I enter in the room and there is a network

  • A am installing a dowse box from git or with an SD image

    • I Follow the instructions to make my SD on win/mac/linux
    • I attach the dowse box to my AP and power them
    • I fire up dowse
    • What is happening and how
    • I log to first and be administrator
    • Configuration tour scenario
    • install and fire up gource (on win,mac,linux)
  • A friend enters in the room and asks "can I surf the net?"

    • YES -- "attach to" In captive portal friend "WAIT FOR AUTHORISATION"; in captive portal ADMIN "new device: YES/NO". Agreement gets authorised
    • YES -- "attach your device to" - "button light" blinks - i push the button- friend device is authorised
    • NO -- "sorry, we cannot offer this service to you today"
  • I like to give access to everyone automagically but have them to push a "agree to terms" button in the CP (Captive Portal like in NS trains)

    • A welcome text that explains that the network is protected by DOWSE: NO LOGS, OBFUSCATION, DOWSE/HUMAN AWARENESS ON
  • A friend comes back often and always surfs the net

    • does his mac address need confirmation every time
      • what when you change mac address? newer android phones have this feature (it's not just a hacker thing) Has to be re-recognised :)
  • Alarms

    • Somebody got a malware active on his device and that device needs to be blocked
    • some device needs traffic shaping (device calls home)
    • accounting traffic device by device
  • if I use Tor in a dowse network I disappear...


  • Interface design that allows to be kind to each other
    • can an admin send a message to the client before cutting him off?
    • post on avvisi a message to a client or to all in case for ex. of detachment


Package Gource with installer

  • MAC
  • PC

DOWSE autoupdate (Parazyd)


1.1 iconised pictures of the devices

1.1. names of the devices in gource


  • ticket system on pad/github (via oddo)