225 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  parazyd 2e76fd19fc heads-welcome: Add a subshell that sets window borders. 2 years ago
  parazyd 876a455994 Correct exit codes in heads-update. 2 years ago
  parazyd 271d9e7a66 Make the Desktop less cluttered. 2 years ago
  parazyd bc3e81372a Eat Liver! 2 years ago
  parazyd 6f13cf0989 Add a confirmation window for shutdown and reboot. 2 years ago
  parazyd bc1a553e09 Enable random root password. 2 years ago
  parazyd f7e34a609d Use the heads-startx wrapper in /etc/rc.local. 2 years ago
  parazyd 90ae9214ab Add a proper way to autostart X. 2 years ago
  parazyd 3f5deeadd1 Rewrite heads-shutdown-menu. 2 years ago
  parazyd da7905289d Disable the welcome text in heads-generate-passphrase. 2 years ago
  parazyd 7b26b16c43 Add a keepfile in ~/.local/share/Trash 2 years ago
  parazyd ef8cdf0d92 Add symlinks to /media to easily access removable drives. 2 years ago
  parazyd 0ec3fc61da Add improvements to the welcome dialog design. 2 years ago
  parazyd 7eb9d8361b Add udiskie support. 2 years ago
  parazyd cb86376a28 Add icons to heads-welcome buttons. 2 years ago
  parazyd d91208abf0 Apply new lxterminal scheme. 2 years ago
  parazyd 70bcf06967 Sync some static files. 2 years ago
  parazyd 6e955c903e lkm-compile: Don't use xargs in compile_permakey(). 2 years ago
  parazyd 13a882d190 Add commented PA start in .xinitrc. 2 years ago
  parazyd 9c90fa0381 Cleaner layout of the dialog call in heads-welcome. 2 years ago
  parazyd eb6f71a3cd Add commented automatic startx in /etc/rc.local. 2 years ago
  parazyd 863693643d Add the cursor fix for heads-welcome. 2 years ago
  parazyd a2907ef246 Add sacc wrapper. 2 years ago
  parazyd 48e194a202 Use ":" as the stdout separator in heads-welcome. 2 years ago
  parazyd 059e45d009 Don't override the keyboard layout in lxpanel. 2 years ago
  parazyd f35882bab4 Enable setting the timezone in heads-welcome. 2 years ago
  parazyd 08789a46d9 fixup! vim sanity. 2 years ago
  parazyd 3a32ff3120 Disable obsolete vidalia stuff in /etc/default/tor. 2 years ago
  parazyd f0cfc72c83 Remove the old heads-welcome dialog. 2 years ago
  parazyd d13e02b595 Set the wallpaper before the welcome dialog. 2 years ago
  parazyd cf310b385b vim sanity. 2 years ago
  parazyd 68c22eefa0 Add Trash bookmark to gtk. 2 years ago
  parazyd 30af4860eb Remove /etc/issue. Add license header to rc.local. 2 years ago
  parazyd 9541fd3823 Replace old sup with our source code. 2 years ago
  parazyd 4b7379d96c Fix a typo in heads-welcome 2 years ago
  parazyd 9c371b951f Fixed sizes for heads-locale as well. 2 years ago
  parazyd 161f4c8b13 Saner dialog size in heads-rootpw. 2 years ago
  parazyd b1bc763704 Enable heads-keymap. 2 years ago
  parazyd de5a7946f0 First try with the new welcome screen. 2 years ago
  parazyd 6b090590d9 Add the heads-locale script. 2 years ago
  parazyd d861b050ca Change apt/sources.list to Beowulf. 2 years ago
  parazyd 60aed17ad7 Add heads-rootpw to change the root password. 2 years ago
  parazyd 82fa858434 Add handling for changing MAC in heads-welcome. 2 years ago
  parazyd 497f365a34 Add wicd pre-connection script to randomize MAC. 2 years ago
  parazyd e1e92acb96 Move /usr/share/heads to /usr/local namespace. 2 years ago
  parazyd 5976d87355 Add the heads-welcome screen. 2 years ago
  parazyd 9f356f0fb3 Add the GPL-3 license, and license headers. Also add a layout select. 2 years ago
  parazyd b46f1a78c2 enable contrib_policy pinning 2 years ago
  parazyd 16762cbfaa Update etc/apt/sources.list for unstable 2 years ago
  parazyd 7fead38fcf Read the usbdev file written by initramfs to compile permakey 2 years ago