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  1. # heads ChangeLog
  2. ## 0.4
  3. ### 26 March 2018
  4. Fix privesc bug with heads-update. The updates are now gpg verified and
  5. incoming is written in a root-only writable path. Remove the need of
  6. live-boot/live-config and build our own minimal initramfs instead. This
  7. also removes the "toram" feature. Instead, a kernel param that we call
  8. "nopermakey" is introduced to disable automatic compilation of permakey
  9. on boot. Cleaned up rootfs-overlay of obsolete files. Revise the package
  10. list and rebase on Devuan Beowulf. Update kernel to 4.9.74, Tor Browser
  11. to 7.5.2, musl to 1.1.19. Revise the kernel configuration and remove
  12. quite a few specific drivers, for example external soundcards. Enable
  13. cgroups in kernel. Implement general improvements to the build system,
  14. along with bumping live-sdk to latest upstream. Switch init to OpenRC.
  15. Implement a welcome dialog upon startx. Delete torbirdy from git and use
  16. the package provided in the apt repositories. Bring back Pulseaudio.
  17. Also ship with elogind and udisks2/udiskie. Include additional software.
  18. Xorg now autostarts unless "nox" is specified on the kernel cmdline.
  19. Replace the default GTK theme with Breeze. Enable AppArmor in-kernel.
  20. Do not install musl-libc anymore, as the rewritten sup can now be
  21. statically linked with glibc as well.
  22. ## 0.3.1
  23. ### 2 July 2017
  24. A bugfix release to disable autostarting of Xorg upon login. It is now
  25. required to startx manually, which is explained in the welcome message
  26. once the system boots into a shell.
  27. ## 0.3
  28. ### 22 June 2017
  29. Introduce Openbox with lxpanel and pcmanfm as a base desktop interface
  30. instead of AwesomeWM. More UI/UX improvements. The kernel is now based
  31. on minipli's unofficial grsecurity forward port, version 4.9.33, also
  32. deblobbed with latest linux-libre scripts. Stripped kernel sources are
  33. included in the rootfs to enable compilation of kernel modules on boot
  34. time. Implementation of the permakey kernel module, which will wipe
  35. files, slam tombs and shut down the computer if the USB stick has been
  36. unplugged while the system is running (does not apply in "toram" mode).
  37. Do not provide ConsoleKit and PolicyKit, nor lightdm anymore. Use eudev
  38. as the default hotplugging daemon. Bump Tor Browser to 7.0.1. There is
  39. no more sound support in Tor Browser since we do not ship Pulseaudio.
  40. ## 0.2
  41. ### 27 March 2017
  42. Second stable release. More sophisticated and user-friendly, with some
  43. helpful messages and generally a nicer interface. The software list has
  44. been revised. Tor Browser now runs using the system-wide Tor instance
  45. instead of starting its own. Mozilla relaxed their redistribution policy
  46. and Thunderbird is back instead of Icedove. Sup is compiled on boot-time,
  47. musl-libc is now included in the system, and general improvements have
  48. been made with the firewall (iptables) setup.
  49. ## 0.1
  50. ### 10 March 2017
  51. First stable release. Since this release, heads is now based on Devuan
  52. Ascii, which allows us easier use of OverlayFS - thus avoiding the need
  53. to patch the kernel with aufs4. Using Linux 4.4.52, in the same manner:
  54. patched with Grsecurity and deblobbed with linux-libre.
  55. ## 0.0
  56. ### 28 February 2017
  57. Initial public release. An unstable version to preview heads and start
  58. looking on how it behaves and performs in real-world situations. Only a
  59. 64-bit version is released. Using Linux 4.4.45 patched with Grsecurity,
  60. aufs4 and afterwards deblobbed with linux-libre. Based on Devuan Jessie.