200 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  parazyd 1ce89f7c76 Fix a silent bug when mounting the iso in initramfs. 3 years ago
  parazyd a7a888b9dd Add luther to sudo group 3 years ago
  parazyd d69865afac Install wmutils from git sources. 3 years ago
  parazyd 2194ae9fc6 Eat Liver! 3 years ago
  parazyd 497a75a6ad Add a convenient whitespace in the kernel cmdline in isolinux. 3 years ago
  parazyd c635688304 More sw. Disable onionshare install until fixed. 3 years ago
  parazyd 3d92841df7 Disable musl install. 3 years ago
  parazyd f37af45929 Enable apparmor in-kernel. 3 years ago
  parazyd 25161a9759 Remove the yelp package on finalize. 3 years ago
  parazyd 1184581d43 Revert "Install torbirdy from the repositories." 3 years ago
  parazyd 42d5f6ae55 Remove extra entries from finalize_purge_packages. 3 years ago
  parazyd 3bed31fd0b Modify Xwrapper.config to allow anybody to startx. 3 years ago
  parazyd 3ac5c76392 Remove permakey boot options. 3 years ago
  parazyd 1adeadfd7c Install acl package. 3 years ago
  parazyd deb6bb045b Allow debugging mode in initramfs. 3 years ago
  parazyd f36c18516b Install udiskie for automounting. 3 years ago
  parazyd e75ad18873 Install onionshare. 3 years ago
  parazyd 0e19f7b989 Install gradm from repositories and add some python3 libs. 3 years ago
  parazyd 88f0610506 Fix permissions for ControlSocket in /etc/init.d/tor from Debian. 3 years ago
  parazyd 639f35456e Install sacc as an extra package. 3 years ago
  parazyd 14c652a671 Update the readme. 3 years ago
  parazyd 99baecd222 Add more i386 kernel config tweaks. 3 years ago
  parazyd 82c36988e0 fixup! Add a wishful fix for 32bit initramfs. 3 years ago
  parazyd 055e50b4c6 Install torbirdy from the repositories. 3 years ago
  parazyd 66410fdb9d Add a wishful fix for 32bit initramfs. 3 years ago
  parazyd fc4050a154 OpenRC cleanups. 3 years ago
  parazyd 5886b27666 Sync i386 kernel config. 3 years ago
  parazyd e7a19a52bd Purge the autoremoved packages. Fix package name typos. 3 years ago
  parazyd 64223fea2b Update kernel configuration for 4.9.74. 3 years ago
  parazyd d927b6d37c Update musl version and gtomb git url. 3 years ago
  parazyd afc29013bb Apply fixes to Tor Browser install. 3 years ago
  parazyd 377fd6d6f3 Revise finalize_purge_packages array. 3 years ago
  parazyd 50a374fc43 Install OpenRC as a package. 3 years ago
  parazyd 076e8e43fd Switch to Beowulf repos. 3 years ago
  parazyd 2d423ebbb2 Initramfs tweaks. 3 years ago
  parazyd 2633caef80 Bump Tor Browser to 7.5.2 3 years ago
  parazyd 5d5abd444b No need to pull origin master on kernel build. We clone -depth 1 3 years ago
  parazyd bfcfcf4754 Don't append to $extra_packages 3 years ago
  parazyd d45fe6e1cd Disable installing fake ff package 3 years ago
  parazyd 9e4c0b2752 Enable booting from usb keys in initramfs initscript. 3 years ago
  parazyd 093a144742 Update kernel config. 3 years ago
  parazyd 519cd02e06 chmod 755 strapdir/boot so vmlinuz can be copied 3 years ago
  parazyd 0c55e3692c Bump live-sdk 3 years ago
  parazyd da9aac398c New amd64 kernel config. 3 years ago
  parazyd ffcc3d9cc2 Add initramfs build 3 years ago
  parazyd d79ac38264 iso_setup_isolinux function override. We now install our own initramfs. 3 years ago
  parazyd 4357eb01d4 Override iso_prepare_strap to become noop. 3 years ago
  parazyd 22f41960f0 Remove torsocks compilation in heads.blend 3 years ago
  parazyd e6953808ed Update isolinux.cfg contents for new inintramfs and ditch of live-boot 3 years ago
  parazyd 43c01e2218 style fixes for heads.blend 3 years ago