dedicate 3 days to setting up, exploring and reflecting on Dowse

the dowse workshop


How do I dowse my home?


With a dowse box you can sense and switch off any unwanted network activity. hackers and artists will guide you through in making your own dowse box to bring home and in inventing

ways to bring to your attention events interfacing with it.

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What do I learn?

    The Dowse workshop is a 3 day intensive design workshop dedicated to set up, explore and reflect on the notion of private network, shared resources, net awareness through dowse. You will learn:

  • Basic Dowsing techniques using gource and netdata.
  • To analyse situations where to use Dowse and think about user cases
  • To use MQTT to easily design complex interaction through NODE RED or Pure data
  • To create objects that respond to network events found by Dowse as alarms, sensors, lights, etc.
  • To send home traffic related events to social networks (Twitter, Irc, FB, Telegram) 

How much does it cost?

WORKSHOP COST/TIME: 150€ euros/person/day (300€ if B-to-B, and for educational event or hackmeeting ASK our hackers);,
Raspi 3 included, MAX 20 people (10:00 → 17:00)

WHAT YOU GET HOME WITH YOU: A fully functioning dowse 0.9 box, knowledge on how customise it for yourself and for others and some awareness about internet of things flows and the controller you build. 

WHAT DO I SUPPORT WITH MY MONEY: Dowse is free software, developed open source. You support a community of hackers and designers busy making it better for everyone else. is a no profit organisation devoted to enlarge the commons. You can find more informations on or contactus foundation(at)

Hack Your Own Dowse 

Dowse can be installed on many hardware combination. We tested with Devuan minimal linux distro.

If you want to share your experience check out our group on irc:// #dowse 

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Bring your network traffic to your senses!

In 2016 you must be able to manner your devices behaviour.

And first you need to be aware of what they do!

We have created an instrument that allows you to “sense” the activity of your own network, take care of its doing, light heartedly share your resources with your friends or neighbours and protect your home-LAN.



Dowse allows you to practice the art of “dowsing the net” wile at the same time you create your own smart meters, your responsive environments or objects.

The dowse device talks to you using Websockets MQTT and OSC so interfaces with anything that uses open standards and protocols, allowing you to create the interface you want and inventing new ones.


DOWSE is developed by, your favorite free-software Think&do Tank 

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