All materials and notes for dowse workshops are collected here 1.2KB

DotCom Lamp

The following is a small example. A counter samples the amount of hits the .com domain has in a minute and updates a gouge on the web interfaace. At the same time the intensity of a HUE lamp is scaled accordingly to give a sort of qualitative feedback to the type and amount of interenet use.

What we use

  • Dowse box on a local wifi network (
  • nodered on dev/admin machine
  • Philips HUE light

step 1 get your dowse events in the patch via MQTT

Add your dowse to the server list and configure the "topic" to # to have your patch to listen to anything that is on the MQTT network.

fig 1

Add a message.debug object to check that the flow is working. Remember to hit on "deploy" button top right

fig 2

Add on the chain a [csv] node and a splitter node. Rename the splitter as you like. I renamed it "Gouge Splitter".

fig 3

The splitter object takes care of making basic decisions on your signal according to its content. Let's see how I configured it:

fig 4

the first exit will be baged when the message contains ".com" the second when is == .org you will see that both approaches work. The thrd exit is going to be taken by all other messages.