40 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jaromil d8e9350523 remove -regex-match for =~ as zsh ditched the former 2 years ago
  Jaromil 5c978ec28a small improvements in messaging of network device detection 2 years ago
  Jaromil f23216094a stop intercepting INT signals (ctrl-C) 2 years ago
  Jaromil 40e808ec03 small corrections to error messages in option.parse 2 years ago
  Jaromil d59b4d64cb improved option parser with __empty and __unknown 3 years ago
  Jaromil 7e70209e21 fix to return codes of option.parse failures 3 years ago
  Jaromil d49b98885d fix error overwriting $i when printing messages 3 years ago
  Jaromil c31c68556a changed zdump to avoid printing empty vars/arrs/maps 3 years ago
  Jaromil a0dc5b4350 fix to network device detection 3 years ago
  Jaromil de9b0f6305 removed 'seq' bashism from messaging functions 3 years ago
  Jaromil f2785eca10 added small function to compare semantic versions 3 years ago
  Jaromil 4fed4af700 bump version and add simple makefile 3 years ago
  Jaromil b2da062138 typo fix for last commit 3 years ago
  Jaromil 716dc32389 config.section precise matching 3 years ago
  Jaromil a9b9d76b0d sub/command optarg parser refurbished from Tomb 3 years ago
  D.J.R f0417a1c03 Merge pull request #2 from KatolaZ/master 3 years ago
  KatolaZ ad957af625 made zuper idempotent (you can "source zuper" several times without errors) 3 years ago
  D.J.R 36c81fbbe6 Merge pull request #1 from KatolaZ/master 3 years ago
  KatolaZ 41e1de2b30 added ztmpd to create temporary directories automatically cleaned up 3 years ago
  Jaromil 175a554e73 paren leftover from option removal 3 years ago
  Jaromil 5464a0f9d5 refactoring 3 years ago
  Jaromil b7a0dca0ec refurbish network and rest api from dowse development 3 years ago
  Jaromil 9df91767f8 folding adjusted for use with origami.el 4 years ago
  Jaromil c3adf9d355 fixes to restful get/set and execution tracing 4 years ago
  Jaromil fca82a9e74 helper for urldecode and encode, some fixes 4 years ago
  Jaromil c66c7b3be3 fix scoping of local var in strtok 4 years ago
  Jaromil c8c521309e improved error reporting and debug tracing 4 years ago
  Jaromil 44f0a748ad minimalist paths for restful put/get 4 years ago
  Jaromil 1e19f4bd59 better restful debug 4 years ago
  Jaromil e70e31f5b6 fixes to restful (simplier argument scheme) 4 years ago
  Jaromil c865ff0deb strtok tokenizer 4 years ago
  Jaromil 0690c9881c global maps, generic restful client (default mode is still consul), restful fixes 4 years ago
  Jaromil 41d24810d3 global maps, logfile and misc cleanup 5 years ago
  Jaromil fd6bd41585 config section parser 5 years ago
  Jaromil 704f6fdd6f more string helpers, uppercased some flags and wrapped exit-on-error via throw/catch 5 years ago
  Jaromil 3d0ff5d069 simplified, endgame() now implicitly called by zshexit at end of execution 5 years ago
  Jaromil c59ed6b7bd complete documentation about tempfile handling 5 years ago
  Jaromil cb7517e678 fixes to tmpfile scoping 5 years ago
  Jaromil 4b542abc04 better docs 5 years ago
  Jaromil 5da7c7bb47 first refurbishing of Zuper 0.1 5 years ago