Deliverable for D3.2

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Deliverable for D3.2



Global metadata service Nodes holding their IOT data and entitlement data

Bootstrap data





  • this is a prototype and not production software.
  • there is no authentication and authentication.
  • all data is held in memory - resetting the environment will reset all of the data except for a small amount of bootstrap data for the demonstration.


To build the software ensure you have installed the following software :

  • Golang 1.7.3+
  • Docker and Docker compose
  • Elm 0.18+

Once you have a working installation download the code using the go get

go get

The makefile contains helpers to build the environment plus some helpers for development.

make help

To build all of the docker containers locally for docker compose to use

make docker-build

To run the application components via docker compose

make docker-up

The prototype should then be available at the following urls

'node' swagger api - http://localhost:8080/apidocs

'node' ui - http://localhost:8085/node.html

'metadata' swagger api - http://localhost:8081/apidocs

'metadata' ui - http://localhost:8085/search.html

'storage' swagger api - http://localhost:8083/apidocs