23 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jaromil e55fd79572 set limit for executed operations in test 2 years ago
  Jaromil c8065354ce added some lua base libraries and some 5.1 unit tests 2 years ago
  Jaromil 589c8d13aa improved version reporting and test messages 2 years ago
  Jaromil cfd0eac477 improved debugging 2 years ago
  Jaromil 9c2b6557c4 crypto api documentation and tests ran by make check 2 years ago
  Jaromil ae3efb732d small fix to execution and debug mode 2 years ago
  Jaromil 116dfff13d website setup with mkdocs for online documentation 2 years ago
  Jaromil 4d25ef5947 fix to compile with latest cmake and gcc 2 years ago
  Jaromil bcd37da90d added rendered pdf (pending review) 2 years ago
  Jaromil 449836a150 improved build system with first bootstrap stage 2 years ago
  Jaromil 3a9df21e6a patch to luanacha for static build 2 years ago
  Jaromil 8cfdaea981 tidying up the build, using -Os -pedantic -std=gnu99 everywhere 2 years ago
  Jaromil f3a469bcb2 added getopt for short commandline options and crypto test 2 years ago
  Jaromil 801ac884ac added support for monocypher crypto libraries 2 years ago
  Jaromil 824f9e9695 improved execution and enabled print to console 2 years ago
  Jaromil 0b4e85e2ef better error message on broken script 2 years ago
  Jaromil 395d96f043 tidying up the makefile 2 years ago
  Jaromil ac03205f8f full static compilation with musl-libc 2 years ago
  Jaromil 4c04fa036c added theoretical article in docs (D3.3) 2 years ago
  Jaromil 91a3d86645 improved makefile build for decode-exec 2 years ago
  Jaromil a4a711b959 first basic lua interpreter 2 years ago
  Jaromil 1e9689c174 static compilation of base env 2 years ago
  Jaromil aec97cdb6f initial import of the lua sandbox environment 2 years ago