A website which we can publish for app developers and technical contributors to the decode platform to find detailed technical documentation

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Decode Backstage


The site may not generate completely at the moment!

This is an informational website for people wanting to work with the decode platform.

There are three different content areas for the information in this site.

Content Description
consortium Information relevant to the group organisations who have created the DECODE platform
platform People who are contributing to the development of the core platform
applications People who are building applications on top of the DECODE platform

The site is divided into these three sections.

Installation and site generation

It uses a static site generation tool called tekdoc https://github.com/ixcode/tekdoc which is a simple website template engine.

In here there are two directories:

Directory Description
publisher Containing the tech to publish the site as html
content The content of the site


To get started, install tekdoc according to the instructions.

Once tekdoc has been successfully set-up, cd into this project's tekdoc directory:

cd publisher/tekdoc

Then you can run the website locally with the following command:


The website will be running at localhost:8000.